LezoLezo...pole pole...molo molo...

We are beyond digital agency.


We work with you, Not for you

  • Acquire

  • Convert

  • Nurture

  • Retain & Grow

Technologies Integration
Experience Tourism
Graphics and animation
UX Design
Cyber Security
Digital Porfolio
Brand Identity
Web optimisation

In-depth Analysis and Analytics Reporting.

We'll tell you: How, Who, What, When, Where
your marketing should put your money
and why.

Beyond metrics,
we provide sentiment share
and AI forecast.



Lezolezo Group is an international digital media analytics, advertising and public relations agency based in the DR Congo and the USA. We solve problems through collaboration, innovative strategies and technologies integration.
Do you want to inspire, let us ignite you;
Do you want more than an ad, let us add you.

Who we are

Going forward requires multiple touchpoints. Bring winning strategies to ensure proactive domination. We help brands drive value for clients not noise.

Our philosophy

Success is not rocket science. Smart thinking and quick execution steamed with cloud solution will land you slowly [Lezolezo] on the moon.

How we work

Standard is boring, we work with the few. Do you have the guts to be different? Can you walk through a storm? We do not think with a box.

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